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L U D I C   L A N D S C A P E S

by Katarina Brandt (Landscape  Architect BaDip)

Ludic; to show spontaneous and undirected playfulness - to play in an aimless way.

Ludic landscapes is searching for re-enchantments, change of perspectives and emergence of magic.

Born in, Stockholm Sweden, Katarina Brandt studied Landscape Architecture at Kingston University of Art and Design in London U.K. After graduating, she decided to move to Amsterdam and have for the last ten years worked for award winning practices such as Bureau B+B, Karres en Brands and Atelier Loos van Vliet as well as collaborating with Anouk Vogel.


Play -defined as as something changeable, searching and transformative, evoking the imagination- has always been a driving source of inspiration

Fascinated by movement, life force and viability, transience and mortality, Ludic Landscape is searching for ways to express playfulness in landscapes, gardens and urban environments.

Play, like life itself, only exists in the moment.  It can be aimless, untameable, changeable and wild.  Just like nature.  Plants play a key role when creating ludic landscapes and there is an ongoing search for new inspiring ways to incorporate planting schemes in public as well as private spaces. The aim is to create conditions for different movements, life forces, rhythms and melody lines to intertwine, live, grow, die, renew and play again.


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